La plage des Granges à 200m du camping dans le Morbihan

The beach « Les Granges »

The beach is located 200 from the campsite and can easily be reached on foot. This beach is a preserved, wild beach. At low tide, you can gather mussels and oysters or eat them as you go along ! At high tide you can swim or sunbathe.

At both high and low tides, this beach is a great place to sit and contemplate, on a bench or on the wall. Sunset, a slight breeze, a breath of fresh air…

Dogs are prohibited on this beach between 15 May and 15 September, due to the pollution caused by people leaving their dog mess behind.

To the left and right of the beach there are miles of coastal paths : If you take a right, you can walk along the coast towards Pen Lan and discover the megalithic site Cairn des Grays dating back to the Neolithic period, a listed historic monument. When you arrive at Pen Lan you will find a beach, restaurants (Le Bistrot du Port and Domaine de Rochevilaine), the harbour with fishing and leisure boats. If you continue to follow the coastal path, it will take you back where you came from towards Les Granges or take the cycle path towards the centre of Billiers.

You can download a map of hiking trails on the Arc Sud Bretagne website. Select the « Circuit des Mégalithes ». Some of the circuits follow the same path as the GR34 coastal path.

If you take a left and follow the coastline, you will discover the countryside and the Dolmen de Crapaud, an historic monument. Peace and quiet, maybe a slight wind, a superb view over the beach and the mussel beds… just you and nature. This circuit is on the hiking trail map and is known as the « Circuit des Vignes ». It will take you through a fir forest and lots more, so breathe deeply and just enjoy… !

situation du camping La Plage des Granges dans le Morbihan
Camping La Plage Des Granges **
Camping in South Brittany
Lieu-dit 5 Les Granges
56190 Billiers
Morbihan / Bretagne / France
Phone: 00 33 2 97 45 68 23 / 00 33 6 71 31 63 16

GPS coordinates : 47.51778,-2.483944